Countdown 12

Twelve more days was the first thought that came to mind when I woke up. The twelve days till cast off include some days that will go by very fast, like next week.

I continue to work full time from my command center, holding several balls up in the air – each ball requiring much reading, much thinking, much organizing.

Outside working hours I relax knitting and sewing things for Faro – it’s nice to have a small object like him for my projects – none takes long enough to get boring. All will be wrapped up for Christmas. Faro’s needs and non needs (non things) can be crossed off the list. My hunch is that most of his wishes are non things, like learning the alphabet, the names of birds and things in the sky other than moons and seeing his oma and opa on Skype.

I try to catch him on Skype at dinner time. We go over food groups and he gets to practice whatever new words his parents have taught him. His mind is like a sponge, with terabytes of space on his developing hard drive. On the outside I see him growing in height, weight and sprouting more hair every day. I can’t wait to see him in a few days.

In the meantime I am learning to navigate frozen ground and made a few outings in spite of the winter weather. I can in and out of houses and up and down steps with the help of strong helpers and my own hardening biceps. The left leg however is showing signs of atrophy – how quick the muscles lose their tone.

The plastic sleeve that is supposed to keep my leg dry under the shower, and is based on an entrance that should be (and was) narrower than my thigh, is no longer providing a waterproof seal. As a result I have to shower with my leg up against the shower stall wall, ballerina like.

I ventured down into the basement where supplies are kept that were no longer available upstairs and Axel was away. With the help of an old wooden lacrosse stick, serving as a crutch, I was able to hop across the cellar floor and get what I needed. It is amazing what one can do on one leg when there is a need.

I am working on my early spring travel schedule which kicks off with a month long trip to Kabul. Subsequent trips to Uganda and Malawi are somewhat in conflict and I am negotiating with various stakeholders that are not beholden to one another.

I have scheduled three PT sessions as soon as my cast is off in the first week of January. I will be on my own for over a month after that. Although I am familiar with the PT place in Kabul (they still should have my card in their files) I don’t think I will go there this time as my time is all accounted for by four different assignments.

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