Thumb up

Axel went out to the woodpile over the crusty snow in order to supply us with wood for a night of sitting around the fire. He had put on his snow shoes as the snow was knee deep. A few minutes later he came back into the house, without wood and with his thumb bent in a funny way. He had fallen through the upper and middle crust and caught himself with his thumb up.

Fifteen minutes later we were in the emergency room of Beverly Hospital where we spent the next three hours with various professionals attending to his thumb. At 10 PM his thumb had resumed its regular shape, albeit swollen and painful.

Our daughters, who were kept informed via text and pictures of our latest hospital adventures, are getting a little tired of these kinds of updates and wished us well.

We can only be grateful of this mishap not being more serious and of course having a health insurance card.

And so, on February 17, after months of being a care receiver, ???????????????????I became the care giver for a change.

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