On and Off

“You were hardly home!” said Axel when he dropped me off. He is right. After the Philippines there was DC and then just a few days before I was back at Logan airport. I did manage to put in four workdays and spent some time with Faro. Jim and Faro had come to Manchester to reunite with Sita, who also has hardly been home. Since my last post she went and came back from India with a rush of other jobs before that, at the Harvard Business School, then Toronto and then Harvard’s School of Public Health. She’s quite the Harvard girl these days.

We went from Washington’s warmth to cold and dreary Massachusetts. The week was filled with angst and grief about last year’s marathon bomb, countless memorial services and radio programs that exploited and explored every possible angle of the tragedy. As if this wasn’t sad enough all by itself, the weather turned wintery and on Thursday morning I woke up to a snow covered landscape. I had to hack the ice from the car. Imagine that, April 17!

April snow

April snow

I am now on my way to warmer weather; Burkina Faso for a week, followed by two weeks in Ivory Coast. It will all be leadership development work, aimed at getting a good pool of local (and mostly French speaking) facilitators in the region.

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