Every year around May 15 I put one year of writing to bed and start a new document, called blog_May 2014-2015. This is a bit like December 31, a time of looking back and reflection. I do re-read some of last year’s writing.

Sita, Jim and Faro are over for our belated annual Easter Party. This is the first time in 30 years that we don’t have a hunt with people combing our land for small brown bags with their name on it and Easter candy inside. My travel schedule got in the way and now the Easter candy is gone. So we have to think of something else. We had some ideas but I was am still in recovery from a long and intense trip and low on energy. We will think about it over the next year, some sort of treasure hunt – holding on to the hunt part but not the part of the bad quality candy.

This morning I followed Faro to the beach. It is one of his favorite places when he comes to see us. He is like an ant, circling back and forth, stopping from time to time to pick up a rock. Having only two hands is a dilemma. You can see his little brain work hard when he spots an interesting stone among the thousands available to him. Both his hands are full, so one has to let go of its stone in order to make place for the new one. He could go on for hours like that. This is indeed the perfect young explorer’s beach. His beachcombing (for rocks only, seaweed and sea gulls are briefly observed but of less interest at the moment) is interrupted by his parents’ ritual trip to the Atomic Café in Beverly for their daily latte. Faro has accepted this as part of life – going to get papa’s latte – he comments matter of factly, as if he was the indulgent parent.

He is now wearing his mom’s sneakers, the first real sneakers I bought when she was 2 years old and getting used to living in Brooklyn. I remember buying the tiny blue sneakers at Zayre’s, a chain that no longer exists. I don’t think they cost more than 5 dollars and here they are, still serviceable after 30 years. Now that is quality. He also wears the Abdou Diouf tee-shirt that Sita received in Senegal after the longtime president Senghor made way for his successor Abdou Diouf in 1981. The tee-shirt no longer has its vivid Senegalese colors and the photo is a bit greyed out but the material is in good shape after all these years.

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