We had Sita and family over for a few days. She and her friends are preparing a memorial of their friend Shelby next week that includes an extensive show of her artwork.

We benefitted from having Faro over to watch up close his amazing development, especially his linguistic progress. Faro, in his turn, benefits from being at a house that has its own beach and a shallow, self- cleaning, pool – no matter what the tide is – with all sorts of interesting stones and critters.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. We went to Rockport for its charming Farmers’ Market and got a good supply of maple syrup and pickles; the latter from a company in Salem that makes the best pickles (Maitland), in a spicy and medium spicy version. The juice is a key ingredient for a wicked good dirty martini.

We had our picture taken at Sweet Remembrances, a dress up portrait studio where Sita worked during a summer some 15 years ago. You can pick a style and then the props to match (or not) your theme. We had done this in the past, using clothes from the roaring twenties. Since the choice of clothes for a 2 year old was a little limited we agreed on a mixed Pilgrim/Native American theme. It was quite a production and Faro managed remarkably well, primarily because he had free access to lots of interesting props to play with while we dressed.
A blended pilgrim family

In the afternoon we checked the lobster traps and pulled in two lobsters. The crab trap was empty. The crabs have figured out how to escape if we give them enough time. We were told to check them twice a day but we don’t. The carcass of the 40 pound striper caught during Tessa’s party, was eaten clean. The full-bellied crabs were grazing somewhere else in Lobster Cove. Only a handful of tiny hermit crabs remained in the trap. We are actually not that motivated to catch them because the preparation of the crab bisque is a little cumbersome. We should be more diligent as they continue to eat the baby mussel population, offspring of the mussels we transplanted from Ipswich Bay.

Tessa, Steve, his sister and boyfriend and the dogs joined us on Sunday for a glorious morning on the beach. When it started to rain everyone left and we withdrew into the New York Times Sunday edition and the New Yorker for some quiet time after the invasion.

2 Responses to “Sweet”

  1. 1 Judith J. Haycock July 27, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Wonderful picture…Sita is so pretty, looks like her mother. Axel is a very handsome and proud grandfather for that cute little Indian. Such fun to have both of your daughters in Massachusetts. I have three of my four sons in Massachusetts, plus all 6 grandchildren, always enjoy our family gatherings. I make the trip to Amherst frequently to see David, Lynn and their two teenagers. Enjoy each visit with Faro, they grow up much too fast.

    Hope you are feeling stronger each day, Sylvia…you continue to amaze me with all of your travel and enthusiasm! Sending hugs, j.

  2. 2 Edith Maxwell July 28, 2014 at 6:47 am

    I love the picture! What a delight.

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