Off the grid, more or less

Packing for a two week trip to Maine was both delicious and stressful. I was trying to anticipate what I would like to do – in line with the doctor’s advice from earlier this week I was thinking of couch potato kinds of activities. We left the kayaks and bikes home. Even if we had wanted to take them we couldn’t have as the car equipped with the racks and space had died and had been towed to our Subaru dealer in New Hampshire, hoping it had any trade in value.

But that hope was dashed quickly. Repairs would exceed the value of the car; with no functioning brakes we had to let go of it and say goodbye. For a symbolic dollar we sold it to the dealership and then took some test drives in various cars we might consider if we can work out the finances.

A few hours later we pursued our trip to Maine where we arrived just before dark. We settled into the quiet of Maine and started shedding all the ‘have-to’s and ‘shoulds.’  We didn’t have to do anything we didn’t want to do. Sometimes that kind of freedom is overwhelming!

Now, early morning on our first morning in Maine I watch a small squirrel eat the blueberries planted next the cabin. There are so many blueberries that I don’t need to chase it. Besides, the previous occupant of the cabin left us two quarts of blueberries in the ancient refrigerator for a baking project that never happened. She even left the recipe of how to make the blueberry crumble.

The projects I brought are mostly of the handicraft type: finishing that yellow cotton sweater for Faro before it gets too cold; embroidering a wall hanging for a newborn that isn’t even a glimpse in anyone’s eye and then lots of fabric scraps for a quilt, following instructions from the quilting book that I bought in the Shaker gift store a few weeks ago during our previous outing to Maine.

And then there is the children’s story that I started nearly a decade ago. I finished it this morning for Sita to illustrate. I also cut up yards and yards of fabric, old dresses, scraps into neat squares and triangles for a quilting project I started on today. For this reason I lugged my sewing machine along, my iron and ironing board. I am prepared for rain and even snow!

We cheated a little with the off the grid thing. The library has a cozy little bench outside its doors where we can catch the strong wireless signal, even when it is closed. This allows me to post, download audio books and my daily jigsaw puzzle while Axel is looking for cozy mysteries. We will stay busy, but in a relaxed sort of way.


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