Slow and spontaneous

We are on day three of our vacation – if I only count the workdays. The days fly by and I know next week will even go faster when we will have the hustle and bustle of 4 more adults and one toddler and two dogs among us. And from tomorrow on we will have friends visit and friends of friends – our time no longer our own.

The best thing about the last few days is that we have no obligation to do anything someone else wants or needs us to do. We have been spontaneous and slow and mostly (though not entirely) carefree. Spontaneous is a word I borrowed from recently retired friends who told me this was the best part of their retirement – being spontaneous in responding to opportunities that presented themselves. We are also slow: in waking up, slow to make breakfast, slow to get out of the house. So slow that we missed the coffee shop, a plan that came early in the morning, and was realized just after 4 PM when we found it closed.

On Tuesday we visited the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, a longstanding wish but a place too far to do as a day trip from Manchester. The museum houses many master pieced of the Wyeth collection – a family business if art can be called that. Although there were some interesting temporary exhibits (the Shakers – now familiar after our visit to New Gloucester, an exhibit about color – appealing because of my quilting), the best was the permanent one with Andrew Wyeth’s water colors – stunning pieces of work. The Art museum covers a whole city block and includes a church, converted to show Wyeth family pieces, many from family members I had never heard of, but also their own collection of master pieces. We were told to use the elevator, if only once, to get to the second floor. It turned out it was a small moving gallery – large for an elevator, small for a gallery – with two simple benches and art on the walls of the elevator.

Spontaneous also meant we could drive by the cinema and stop to watch a movie, postponing dinner until we got home, making things on the fly, and staying up as late as we wanted – past midnight.

On the way back from Rockland we bought peaches at a farm stand. We think they caused an allergic reaction in Axel who woke up with a swollen face. And so we spent an hour at Boothbay’s emergency care center where they checked him out, gave him prednisone and a prescription for an epi-pen; it’s a cruel thing to Axel, not being able to eat peaches during the short season.

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