The vacation did what it was supposed to do. I didn’t touch my computer for 8 days. I didn’t check my email for 8 days; in fact I didn’t go online except for downloading new audio books, new puzzles and occasionally the New York Times at the local library. I learned that one week can’t undo the stresses of work and commuting to places far and wide – whether these stresses were conscious or not. Two weeks can. We will remember this next year.

Tessa, Steve and the dogs came last weekend which made for a chaotic but wonderful long weekend – 6 adults, one toddler and two dogs in a cabin with two bedrooms. Tessa and Steve camp next to the cabin with their dogs. They are hardened campers – they made their cross America trip in the fall, some years ago, when the north of North America was already in fall or even winter mode.

Those of us who could, slept in. Not me, I am always up at 5:30 AM or so and love that time of the day when all is still. Although not on the water, we have a good view of it and see the sun come up over Booth Bay – the water uninterrupted by boats.

I have been quilting (not by hand) and would sit in front of my sewing machine which looked out over the Bay and the sun streaming into our rustic cabin. Or I would bake, transforming gallons of blueberries into pies, tortes and tarts (there is a difference). I finished 4 books, by reading myself or being read to while doing something else.

On Monday the Dorchester contingent left. We had hoped by then the house in New Hampshire would be theirs and we could admire it on our way home. But alas, the process that started in January keeps running into obstacles and the closing, if it ever happens, is postponed once again.  

Axel and I closed on a simpler deal on Tuesday – we signed the lease on a brand-new car – the third ever in our lives. The first was a Chevrolet Cavalier wagon which we purchased for what would now be a ridiculous sum, when we established ourselves in Georgetown, MA. The second car was a Subaru which got totaled by a nurse racing to work and running a red light and which may well be the cause of Axel’s fractured vertebrae, which is only now picked up by an Xray. The insurance sum didn’t get even close to the value of the car and we swore we would never buy a new car again. We didn’t. This is a lease.

The car business took an entire day which included an hour and a half long wait for our new plates at the registry in Haverhill. We passed the lunch time wait working on our foot long sandwich from an Italian deli that looked like it had been around since WWII.  The foot-long rocket, as the sandwich was called, was the smaller one of the sandwiches offered, and contained about a pound of filling. The Deli was decorated with gallon jars of relishes of one kind or another. Everyone who entered was greeted with a jovial ‘what can I do for you young man/young lady?’’ disregarding the age of the customer. Most were in their seventies, and clearly regulars.

With our new plates we were able to finally pick up our car and drive back to our cabin in Maine to resume our vacation. This we did with a few more lazy days, including a visit to friends a little further south. Faro finally had a playmate his size and gender. Otto is three. He lives in New York City and is vacationing in his grandparents’ house right above a sandy beach. Otto has more trucks than you can shake a stick at. This made Faro very happy and also very tired. On the way home he fell asleep in the car.

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