In between trips

I cast my votes for the Massachusetts primaries last week, before the elections as I was in DC on Election Day. I had met several of the candidates for the various high level state positions when they came to Manchester last May. Not everyone made it into the primaries but those who did and visited (and had impressed me) got my vote. When all things are equal (which they rarely are), I cast my vote for a woman to help redress the gender balance which is so often lacking. I was pleased to see that nearly all of the winners were women.  Now they have to take on the Republican men for the general elections in November.

In Washington I participated in an event that presented some of our flagship tools and methods to colleagues and funders.  I don’t come all that often to DC so it was nice to meet people, some I hadn’t seen for years and others who I met for the first time. I had dinner at my friends T&F, a Dutch-American couple who I met decades ago in Niger and who are at times competitors, at times colleagues and always friends.

I arrived back in Boston just in time for the opening reception of the Japanese Women Leadership Institute at the Fish Family Foundation. MSH has longstanding ties with the Japanese and I was pleased that this year we were invited to participate in a month long program for 4 Japanese women who came to the US to learn to be agents for social change back home. The program is in its 8th year and is a wonderful example of people making change where they can – it is about the long view which the Japanese are well known for. Since this was a Japanese affair there was plenty of sushi and everything served in the most elegant way. The Japanese have a way with food presentation, even when using disposable plates and silverware.

I stayed in Manchester on the day of my departure, finally able to focus on the next assignment and responding to emails that required some clarity on what I was going to do in Madagascar without distractions.  The late departure (8:45 PM) made it possible to do this, and pack and have a nice lunch without feeling stressed. I was done with everything in time to enjoy Lobster Cove teeming with birds and, presumably fish or other edible creatures. It was too beautiful to leave, but duty called.

On our way to the airport we received the good news that Steve and Tessa’s endless and stressful housebuying adventure is finally coming to an end. We thought it had, many times before, but each time the bank found something that needed more interventions. They were told that now the closing is for real. They will have moved in before I come back. Halleluja!

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