Axel married one of Tessa’s friends who was also Sita’s Doula, with the boat maker who fixed his dory. It was a beautiful day on Conomo Point inn Essex. The bride and groom must have known this since there was no tent and the entire affair was conducted in the open air: the ceremony, the dinner on long tables in the garden, the speeches and then more partying into the beautiful Indian summer night.

Faro and I had to be taken to bed around 8 PM, he because it was his bedtime and I because of my jetlag. After that the young people return to the party and continued the celebrations.

We decided that Axel makes for a good reverend. He did a wonderful job that got all of us weepy. He received a ‘solemnization certificate’ issued by the governor of Massachusetts himself which allowed him to ‘solemnize’ one marriage on that one day. He discovered that you can get ordained over the internet in some internet religion and then you can make it a habit, marrying people. It’s that easy here. He could then call himself Reverend Axel. I kinda like that.

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