On Sunday Axel took me up to see Tessa’s and Steve’s new home in  New Hampshire, the day before their move in. It is one hour and a half from our house, a nice drive through endless woods where the trees are turning yellow and orange.

The house is an odd assortment of rough-hewn structures that look kludged together from the outside but inside it is nice and cozy with a beautiful large eat-in kitchen, large rooms on several levels and bathrooms at each. The kitchen and living room have a large deck that looks out over their own pond and some of their 7.5 acres of wood. There are outbuildings for animals (chicken, horses, goats)  for wood, for making an office. You’d think you were far away from the city but in fact they are just outside Concord NH and an enormous shopping mall on the way.

Their parting from their sleaze bag landlord was right in style with him threatening the movers with arrest, calling the cops and blocking the moving van. Tessa said that this made it very easy to leave Dorchester and move north.

She is moving to territory where dreadlocks, especially copper colored and knee length dreadlocks turn heads. Some smile, the hippies are back, and some, she told us, you see them wonder.

Axel had worked hard with the painting and getting the place ready, especially for Tessa who has to make a running start as her business takes no pause.  This is a good thing of course. Steve took a week off, also a good thing.

He still has to commute to Boston but hopes to find something closer by as the commute from Concord to Boston, even when not during rush hour, is a punishing one.

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