It had been raining for several days but nothing would have told me it was a big storm that had passed over us if it wasn’t for the cove. It is a roiling and boiling cauldron with layers of foam on top of the angry sea. The tide was so high that our beach cooking area was overrun and the kayaks from our friends and our Adirondeck chair nearly swept into the ocean.

We have the dogs over for the weekend, a sleepover at oma and opa. They are easy guests, just requiring two meals a day and a place to sleep. For the rest of the time they entertain themselves catching chipmunks and squirrels. They don’t really catch them because these critters are too fast but this keeps the dogs busy and running. Tessa and Steve are interrupting their move into their new home for a wedding in faraway Pennsylvania. They are in that age group now that marries and has babies.

I have been home for a week and a new departure looms, tomorrow. I have been trying to get my health back and only partially succeeded. We now know that it is the cavities of my sinuses that are the culprit for my coughing and low energy. One antibiotic was replaced by another which, hopefully will get at these hard to reach places.  I am going once again with a mask and armed, this time, with various medicines. I will be surrounded by doctors this time but hope I won’t need them.

In the meantime four extraordinary Japanese women, who competed, and won, a fellowship from the Fish Family Foundation as part of the Japanese Women Fellowship Initiative, showed up at MSH and I got to spend a day and a half with them at the beginning of the week. We sat around a table and talked about leading and managing, about women and leading, about financial management and fundraising in American NGOs, conflict management and more. It was such a treat for all of us. I was rewarded with a nice closing ceremony and moving speeches at Simmons College this morning, followed by a French Bistro lunch that will keep me full till tomorrow.

I had not driven into Boston since our office moved out of Cambridge. I had forgotten how bad the traffic  is when you don’t drive in at 5:30 AM. Luckily I am listening to a good book on tape which I can now listen to through the car audio via Bluetooth.

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