Eat Fest

The 24 plus hours I spent in Holland went very fast. I stayed in Amersfoort which lies more or less in the center of the country, and is the place where my youngest brother and his wife recently moved to.

On Sundays the train company does essential maintenance on otherwise busy routes (Schiphol – Amsterdam) in the night and early morning. This was the first part of the route I had to take to Amersfoort. A few of us lone travelers, coming from afar, were directed to a bus which took us to a station further east. We rode the empty bus through a dark and cold and completely deserted Holland. The station where we were dropped off was also cold and empty. If I had been a foreigner I would have been completely lost what to do next. There was no soul to give explanations and even the escalators to the platforms were inoperative. I was glad I had travelled lightly.

It took 2 hours to what would otherwise have been a short trip. Although now 8 AM, the station at my destination was also mostly empty though the coffee and bakery place was open and I started consuming the first of the many Dutch goodies on my wish list.

My siblings had been alerted to my brief stopover. They started to arrive shortly after I went on a shopping spree to get for Axel and the girls the things that are on their wish list: licorice, stroopwafels and traditional Saint Nicholas candy: random chocolate letters (the s, t and a’s were already sold out) and cheese.

Three nephews, one niece, two with significant others, two with toddlers, plus my sister and her husband arrived for a few hours of catching up and more eating which practically left us gasping for air. After everyone left, as if we needed dinner, we continued with my wish list: raw herring (and one left for breakfast and one for eating in the KLM lounge), boerenkool met worst (kale/potato stew with sausage) and then, as grand finale, mousse au chocolat with whipped cream.

I fell into a bottomless sleep, compensating for the lost hours during the flight from Kenya and filled with joys and worries about family members who are doing well and those that are not.

And now it is time for the last leg of this trip, to Boston. I got Axel his Corenwijn, Sita and Tessa their cumin cheese and Faro a little surprise, the only thing that cannot be connsumed. I had to get an other bag to carry everything home and dropped the idea of carry-on luggage only.

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