A good stay

A weekend at the Serena Kigali is pretty nice. I had my second massage after a visit to one of my colleagues in both his current house on one side of the city and the house he is building on the other side of the city.  His one and a half year son accompanied us which made me miss Faro.

I had all sorts of plans to write a short paper I have to produce by Monday, and tinkered a little with the outline, but the writing will have to wait until tomorrow when, once again I have great intentions and many distractions.

I am getting to know a new colleague and there is much to talk about. She is excited about landing in Rwanda; I would be too. The climate is beautiful, the vistas from every part of the city are breath taking and there are basically no traffic jams. And if there happens to be one there are many ways to descend or climb the various ‘collines’ as they used to be called in the old Rwanda.

I have stopped watching TV as it is all about terrorists. The media appear to be as active as the terrorists themselves in seeding terror in our hearts. Instead I listen to the chickflick equivalent in audiobooks and do electronic jigsaw puzzles, interrupted by nice long meals in great company, sitting outdoors in a cool breeze: not too warm, not too cold. When people pity me about my long trips packed in economy they forget there are these nice stays in between – not always of course but certainly this time.

My shoulder is a little better these days even though there is no reason for that. Last week the nights were painful, bringing me sometimes to tears but now I have a large king size bed with 6 fluffy pillows with which I build a nest; it seems to work.

The internet connection is good enough to allow chats with Axel who, thanks to the wonders of technology, can call me, or  I can call him, as if I am in the office in Medford. He is busy planning his trip, accompanying me to Cambodia and Thailand mid February. Nearly 10 years ago he was doing the same when I was going to Nepal, planning to come along on a business trip but the Maoists spoiled our plans. We keep our fingers crossed that this will not happen this time. As far as we know there are no Maoists operating in Cambodia and Thailand; tsunamis and typhoons are more likely; those too we hope to avoid.

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