Five days and counting

It is day 5 post-op. I am down to one pill a day, a low dose aspirin that keeps my blood from clotting. I have to take it till sometime in May, when I will also have shed the sling and there will be no obvious outward sign of my operation. I have showered and stopped icing. Progress, in other words. I can make my own breakfast and dress myself although the latter is still a little challenging.

I started to work a bit yesterday although it drained me and required a two hour nap. Take it easy, say people, but if you don’t, like I did, no one stops you. Once people know you have started to read email, all bets are off. Today I have my first phone-in meeting and some tasks to do that have a deadline of tomorrow, rotator cuff surgery or not. They are important tasks because they are about budgets. I want to be in that conversation as my ability to be billable full time is on the line.

I have been eyeing my knitting basket with the half-made finger puppets. Luckily I am missing critical colors of wool, otherwise I would have tried. I am anxious to find out whether I can knit with one arm at a 90 degree angle in a sling. My calculations say that I should be able to.

Axel has been a great caretaker, as always, stoking up the fire next to my recovery couch, cooking healthy meals and managing the pills in the early post op days; there were many and all at different times of the day. When it is bedtime, still early for me, he packs me in my recliner which we moved up to the bedroom. We call it my business class seat. If I could travel in that seat I could circle the world with ease. I am asking for a business class seat for my trip to Addis in two and a half week and hope the doctor will write exactly the right sentences so that our corporate benefits manager will give the thumbs up.

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