Icing down

The melting of the many feet of snow produces a kind of archeological dig. Newspapers wrapped ineffectively in blue or orange plastic surface with the dates of this or that snowstorm. Our neighbor’s exclaimed, “oh, that’s where our garbage can went!” It’s rather ugly, these debris from life before the snowstorms; each layer darkened by soot and black particles and then covered over by a new layer of white which then also became black.

Our garlic patch and our asparagus patch are finally free from snow and ice. The corner where Axel buried pots of tulips, to force to bloom in March, is now snow free. We hope to find them and bring them in the house. Still a large part of the yard has up to one foot of snow remaining. There are flattened remnants of early bulbs which came out too early and never got their coloring they were supposed to have.

I have started week two of my recovery. The last days have been hard, still too painful to get comfortable, rarely painful enough for the narcotics, and sleep constantly interrupted by a wrong move or pain breaking through. I tried twice to sleep in our bed, feeling lonely in my recliner, but both times I returned, frustrated, to my chair. I looked through my diary to read about my last experience of recovering from rotator cuff surgery, in August 2009. Then, I learned, I had made the transition back to my bed in a week; not this time.

Axel has been cooking as if he had been auditioning for a chef’s position. He has prepared the most wonderful meals, but I have little appetite and by the time the meal appears I am exhausted and ready to go to bed. He has been a great caretaker and I am like a toddler, saying, I can do this myself! This morning I showered and dressed on my own, a major milestone in my recovery.

I read in Wired magazine that boredom can be a good trigger for creative ideas. I have been bored but not felt very creative. My boredom and antsy-ness is relieved by my iPad, but it is temporary. After a while anything on a tablet or phone gets to be boring, even FB with its constant renewal of content. I must have seen all the videos posted or reposted over the last 3 days, most hardly worth my attention. And then, when I read in the same Wired the heartbreaking stories of the workers who produce our gadgets in China, I feel really annoyed about being bored and grasping for these tainted gadgets.

The real highlights of the last three days, aside from Axel’s exquisite meals, have been our walks; getting out and confirming that spring is coming makes me happy.

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