Breaking free

Today is week 5 post-op. I have one more week in my sling. According to my physical therapist I am doing well. I am on track and exactly where I should be in terms of degrees of sideway and forward movement of my arm, stretching the now stiff muscles around my shoulder. It’s a 6 months process and I am still in the passive movement phase, probably until later this month.

I cheated last night, taking the sling off to sleep better; I am not sure it worked as I still wake up several times during the night. I look forward to sleeping through the night, something I haven’t done since late November when I fell.

Axel is responsible for the spring chores as I cannot handle a rake. It’s frustrating as I actually like to get the beds ready for planting and prune the bushes. All I could do was fertilize the garlic and asparagus beds and brush away the debris to liberate the tops of about five asparagus breaking through the surface. I can also do most everything else with one hand, including the laundry, shopping and cooking. Tonight I will try to pick up the knitting of the finger puppets.

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