Reach and bloom

Monday I met with the surgeon who fixed my shoulder. I surprised him by lifting my arm nearly straight up. He warned me to not become overconfident and not carry anything heavier than a cup of coffee in my left hand until the end of July. Only then can I begin with the strengthening exercises. Four months post-op is a long time, but the worst is behind me. If people didn’t know about my operation there is nothing that would give it away.spring2015

Our trees have burst into bloom: the purple of the wisteria matches the purple of the old lilac in front of the house. It is flanked by Jennee’s beach plum, which is turning to be quite resilient after many attacks. Then there is the apple tree near the garden, the light purple creeping phlox, the white creepingdeep purple double lilac, the white and blue forget-me-nots that intermingle with the raspberries. It is a feast for the eyes.

The asparagus is producing enough for a meal for us two every other days, and sometimes there is enough for the neighbors as well. But the asparagus beetles have arrived and we are no longer the only ones interested in the asparagus bed. They are persistent little buggers. We followed the book last fall but they came back and we don’t want to use pesticides. Handpicking is what is called for, but you have to be out there all the time.

The cranberry beans, the potatoes (red bliss), the thyme, the peas from Tessa and the spinach and garlic are growing fast. The leeks are still tiny and spindly and if the deer we saw the other day wanders into our garden then we may not ever eat any of these.

Vacation and trips are advancing rapidly. By June 5, I have warned everyone, I am putting my pen down, close my computer and won’t be working until I have arrived in Uganda on June 14, for a week of teaching about coaching, supervising and communicating with the aim of improving the delivery of family planning services. The consequence of this schedule is that I am now making very long days in order to get all my design work done for a series of activities and trips that will reach into late July when we are all getting ready for celebrating Axel’s 69th and receiving our new grandchild into this world. Summer hasn’t even started and it is already going too fast.

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