Back to work

I managed to stay away from my computer during most of my vacation week. This worked because there are some very capable people in the office who took over. I had no sleepless nights over this. In fact, I have slept better than ever in the last 6 months because my shoulder is no longer bothering me.

I continue to get high marks from my physical therapist for my progress. I have to watch out not to progress too much because the ‘no weight bearing’ remains in effect until July 27.

On Friday night I was back on a plane to Holland. This time with Tessa and Steve who joined me for my brother’s wedding – a second marriage for both – but celebrated as if it was a first. The only things that gave this away is that there were, between husband and wife, 9 (grown-up) children and no one was in white. We celebrated the melding of two families, or may be even four as the parents of one ex and one deceased spouse were also there. It was a joyous and warm celebration despite the nippy not-quite-summer-night weather. Tessa got to hang out with her cousins, a rare opportunity, and schemed to have everyone come to her wedding next year.

I left the party early to catch up on sleep and prepare for the next assignment, in Uganda, while Tessa and Steve partied on and left for the east of Holland with another brother and his wife, to explore lesser known parts of Holland by bike.

I got up when some had just gone to bed and most of Holland was still asleep to catch a train to Schiphol airport, boarded the plane to Kigali and Entebbe, and arrived at my hotel in Kampala at midnight. The quiet of the night allowed for a swift ride covering the 40 km from Entebbe to Kampala in less than an hour. Apart from the few drunken young men riding on giant Easy Rider type motorbikes, helmless, there was little traffic, a good thing. We let them pass and hoped to not see them again later by the side of the road. We didn’t.

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