Back home for a bit

A whole week has passed since I left Kampala. This means I can temporarily halt the taking of anti-malaria medicine.

My next assignment, hardly leaving me a chance to recover from the week in Uganda, was the facilitation of a worldwide technical summit organized by my pharmacists’ colleagues. We looked at the work that has been done over the last 4 years to improve pharmaceutical systems so that medicines are available in health facilities for those who need it. Colleagues from 17 countries joined headquarter staff to extract lessons learned and find out what they need to focus on in the last project year. I had been part of the organizing committee since the beginning of the year and getting the program designed had not been an easy task, but in the end everything came together nicely, the energy was right, we got the outcomes we had hoped for and we had fun in the process.

Axel had driven down to DC, stopping along the way to visit friends and family. He arrived in DC just when I landed from Kampala via Amsterdam and Boston and picked me up to deliver me to my DC hotel. It was like a brief spousal visit before I dove into the conference and he continued his visits with friends.

On Saturday morning we set out for our long drive north, after a good breakfast at the Red Fox deli on Connecticut. The whole day we drove in the rain; it was rather cold given that we are now officially in summer and it is nearly July. We interrupted our trip at Sita and Jim’s for tea before continuing to Manchester (still in the rain). They had just returned from a vacation on Lake Champlain with friends.

We arrived some 14 hours after we left DC to a wet and wild Lobster Cove, which continued to be wet and wild throughout Sunday – perfect for staying indoors and getting ourselves organized for next week which includes Tessa turning 30, the 4th of July and my return to Africa for another 3 week assignment, partially in Madagascar and partially in Togo.

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