Home remedies

I had made an appointment for a massage on Saturday at the end of the day, but I completely forgot about it. I was too busy preparing for the two day workshop that started in just a few days on a topic I did not really master. It required reading a hundred page facilitator manual. When I was finally done, with at least a good grasp of the material, the overall design of the workshop done and the first day micro design completed, I contacted the home front. Until Friday I had not had an internet connection in my room, so it was a big luxury to talk to my family from the comfort of my room. I got so excited about these conversations that I forgot about the massage. When I realized this the spa was closed and would remain so during all of my remaining after work hours in Tana.

Sunday I started to get sick. In Ampefy I was fine but in Tana I seem to get sick. I wonder whether it is an allergic reaction to Tana and its dust. My colleagues think I get sick because of the cold weather and tell me to get a scarf to protect my throat, as if a cold comes from a cold throat. Frankly, they have no idea what cold weather is; with 46 degrees at night and high 60s during the day, this is rather a mild climate, requiring nothing more than my well worn suede jacket.

My cold started just like last time, in my throat, followed by a cough and then sinus problems. But so far it hasn’t gotten as bad as quickly as last September when I need a doctor to come to my hotel room; besides I was prepared with my Mucinex, Day- and Nyquil and saline spray. I bought lemons and salt in the supermarket across the hotel, combining home remedies with OTC drugs.

On Monday I told my local colleagues to be prepared to run the two day workshop on their own in case I would lose my voice completely.  Luckily they are very savvy trainers and with the training manual available (in French) I knew they would be able to handle such a contingency.

As it turned out, they ran the entire first day with me on sidelines, coach rather than trainer, which is actually the role I like to play best. This also allowed the workshop to be done in the local language, which was only translated when necessary to get my input.

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