Towards normalcy

Today will be the completion of Saffi’s first week in the world. We are all glad it is over as it was a rather trying week. Sita and baby were discharged on Wednesday night. Our plan had worked: the baby had gained a few grams and the hospital staff relented, sending Sita home with some fifty tiny bottles of formula. Later we realized they were about to expire, another item to get out of the hospital as they would otherwise have to be discarded.

Being at home made all the difference. The stress melted like snow in the sun. Sita and Jim were finally able to settle into their new rhythm without uniformed staff interrupting them constantly. The baby met her regular pediatrician who noticed more weight gain and so we are on the path to normalcy. Sita hopes to be done with the formula and pumping after more weight gain is recorded at the next weigh-in on Monday.

Faro is beginning to act out a bit, being a little rambunctious and testy. We try to be gentle with him and Sita gives him special attention when the baby is asleep. The baby’s presence in his life is no longer an abstraction. With Saffi living in his house, and worse,  in his mammy’s and papa’s bedroom, we try to be understanding of the turmoil in his little head.

He was distracted from all the changes by a visit from his cousin who is 6 months older. They had a good time running around the yard and playing on the gym set. Faro was like a little puppy, getting wet in the small pool and then rolling around in the dirt, stuffing mouthfuls of dirt in his face and then looking up to see our reaction.

We had celebrated Axel’s 69 nine birthday the day before. We gave him an etching that he had drooled over some 6 months ago in Manchester’s second hand store, The Stock Exchange. He had researched the etching and had debated buying it. Then one day it was gone and he regretted not making a decision earlier. What he didn’t know is that Sita and I had bought it. He was very surprised to see it again. I also gave him Ottlenghi’s vegetarian cookbook (Plenty). He went straight to work and by Friday night we had already tried three of the recipes, all of them enormous improvements on the hospital food Sita and Jim had lived on for nearly a week.

It was nice to be on vacation, even though it included vacuuming and running errands. I did finish at least one of my trip reports, my expense reports, responded to a few emails and dealt with an email hacking scare, but all is settled down now. This is a good thing as the next trip is already staring me in the face: Thursday I am off to Manila.

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