Blue skies

On Thursday night, very late, Tessa, Steve and the dogs arrived. Usually they camp out in the yard as the cabin has only two bedrooms. Sita, Jim, Farro and his 5 week old baby sister Saffi arrived the next day.

Until now we always occupied the master bedroom with its kingsize bed and Sita, Jim and Farro had the smaller bedroom with the creaky twin beds and the alcove for Farro’s portable crib. But Farro is 3 now and doesn’t fit in a crib anymore and he also has a sister who cries when she is hungry, about every four hours.

We had set up a roomy tent on the screened-in porch for Farro and vacated the large room for the small family.  Tessa, Steve and the dogs slept in the tiny tent, smaller than Farro’s, on a flat spot in the yard, surrounded by blueberry and huckleberry bushes.

As soon as everyone arrived the fog lifted, the rain disappeared and we had blue skies until our departure. Jim had to work all week which meant he had to find a spot with a good internet connection between 9 and 5.

The rest of us went on nature walks or we made trips to the beach where we tried to teach Farro how to swim. We chased crabs, looked for mussels and took turns planning and cooking our meals. During the weekend we kept Farro out of his parents’ hair so they could catch up on sleep. We would go ‘motoring’ down the quiet dead end street on his little wooden bike with no wheels. I think they are called pre-bikes, or balancing bikes, but Farro called it his motor bike, hence the motoring. Last year he would only walk alongside the bike but this year he was quite adept at balancing.

Sometimes we would park the bike at the rocky beach down the street and clamber down to the water. Here too his balance was good and we learned, from experience, that black rocks are slippery. We would sit on a high rock and throw a stick at Chicha who likes nothing better than chasing a stick all day long. Farro still needs to work on his throw but we made progress.

We visited the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden which is one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. A friend of Axel had his wind installations exhibited all through the gardens. The gardens are for all ages: the children’s garden with its tiny lobster traps, its tiny house with its kitchen and pretend food, the watering cans, the chickens, the library and puppet theatre. For older kids there is the fairy village where countless fairy houses dot the landscape, some art installations by themselves. And then there are the walks, the flowers, the arrangements. We visited the gardens twice this year as there is too much to see for one visit.

At night, when the babies and dogs were asleep we would play Settlers of Catan long past our usual bedtime.

There is something to say for having three generations together: once you agree on the meal the cooking and washing up gets easier, mom gets a break from taking care of a neonate, toddler gets more attention and so do the dogs.

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