Needs and wants

We realized early on that our ‘three generation’ days in the Camelot cabin are gone. We have to find something next year that we all fit in with more ease and where Faro doesn’t have to sleep in a tent on the porch. We explored, without much enthusiasm, some other options on the internet and by phone but came up short either on price, number of rooms or the presence of pets.

We made a list of the criteria for the ideal summer cottage and discovered that our house in Lobster Cove filled all the criteria except the one that it wasn’t a summer cottage. But we counted our blessings anyways. We left our vacation cottage to go to our year round home knowing it was actually better than a vacation cottage, on the water, with a yard, enough bedrooms, friendly to dogs, requires no travel and the rent is already paid. But it is home, there is internet and phone service and there are always chores to do.

In the mood for making more lists I listed the criteria for a great family, for a great husband and a good job. I am doing pretty well on those criteria right now; I have few needs and the ‘wants’ were put into perspective by this exercise.

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