Babies, burbs and bottles

Sita is working again and struggling with having an infant, nursing and pumping in between complex assignments that include travel. Even if travel isn’t all that far (Cambridge), it is complicated with an infant and a 3 year old who is in school. She arranged a deal with her sister who came to Cambridge. She brought her work with her (=her computer) but ended up having to use the computer to look up what to do with a gassy crying baby. She did well on one day but on day two mom came to the rescue and together we worked on getting the burbs out of Saffi. When she finally stopped crying (more like the braying of a donkey at times) we rewarded ourselves with a nice lunch and a bag of brownie crisps.

On Friday night I picked Sita up for a night at our house before going back to work on Saturday. By then the hotel staff had thrown her breast pump and various other items left in the room, out in the trash. It was a sorry performance by a worldclass hotel. For the pain and suffering this cost her, not to mention the distraction from the work she was paid to do, Marriott gave her a platinum membership in addition to reimbursing the cost of the lost items. But what use is a platinum membership when you only stay at such hotels once in a blue moon?

Both Tessa and Axel are recruited to repeat the babysitting stint a few more times before the next month is over. Axel was practicing this weekend whenever Saffi was crying. He takes his job serious. We are all happy about that. I won’t be able to come to the rescue because I will be in Madagascar.

On Saturday Sita borrowed our car without the gizmo that clicks the car open and shut (and with it the alarm). When she arrived at her hotel in Cambridge and gave the keys to the valet parking attendant the alarm went off – and we got another one of Sita’s stress calls. We ended up driving, all of us, into Cambridge, dropped the keys with clicker off and let Sita focus on her work. Once in the city, we decided to go to the Aquarium which is a treat with a 3 year old. Saffi slept through the whole outing, including the rides to and fro.

Once Sita’s work was done, on Sunday, we all decompressed at home, surrounded by toys, books, diapers and bottles. I finished my small knitting project, a sweater for Saffi which was just as well as it fitted like a glove. This means it won’t fit anymore in a couple of weeks. It’s called just-in-time knitting. The knitting hasn’t been good for my shoulder and so I am holding off on a new project until the shoulder is in good working order again.

On Sunday afternoon we went for a lovely walk in the Audubon Ipswich River Sanctuary, getting chickadees to perch on our hands picking seeds that a nice person had left scattered throughout the park. They wouldn’t perch on Faro’s tiny hand as he was too obsessed with catching them. They figured that out very quickly.

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