Bad to worse to bed

Being without voice is bad enough but now a dry cough, sinus congestion and ear aches have joined in, plus a slight fever. My body is protesting loudly about something; and here I was doing so well with the sugar abstention.

We went to a meeting at our donor’s offices this morning and in the middle of the meeting I had a coughing fit that became a coughing spasm and therefore hard to stop. I had another one later during the day. I was hoping to get better because tomorrow I am standing in front of 30 people eager to learn how we ‘do’ management and leadership development. It is not going the way I had wanted.

Our meeting with our funder this morning was all done in whispers, not just mine – people clearly adjust to the levels of voice with which they are spoken to. This is good to know, if one didn’t already – when someone is shouting loud at you, speak softly back. I am also getting tons of advice about home remedies, some known, some unknown, like putting a peeled onion on the table, tapping my chin, massaging and wrapping my throat, and then of course the known one of ginger, lemon, honey, hot water and a bit of rhum, a grog. I will do that before bedtime as they make a wicked ginger tea here.

Talking in a whisper without engaging the vocal cords is more exhausting than I thought; having done this now for two days, it finally caught up with me. I left the office at 3 PM and headed for bed, too tired to do anything else. I left my colleague behind to prepare on her own. It is pretty clear now that she will have to do the facilitation – I am going to be the whisperer in the background which won’t let me engage with people – so very frustrating.

The only good thing to report is a fabulous massage last night. The spa across the parking lot has a deal with the hotel, 20% off. I think I will be back.

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