Back and forth

Lobster Cove on a cold crisp winter day, with snow on the ground and sunny blue skies is nearly as good as a summer day. Being home is bliss. We enjoyed a day by the fire, reading, catching up and cooking good food.

The wonderful mood was broken by the news from Holland of yet another friend succumbing to cancer; we were together last summer after the funeral of my ex. It makes one wonder, ‘who’s next?’

I took Monday off to catch up on various things pending, such as my renewal of my Global Entry pass, a wonderful arrangement that lets me bypass long lines coming back in the US. Tuesday was a day for various medical appointments. The best news came from the lab: all my numbers had improved, showing that my kicking off the sugar habit was now paying off. The addiction is gone; I can eat a corner of something sweet and leave most of it on the plate; I can have one square of chocolate without wolfing down the entire bar; I can (and did) decline my free birthday pastry from Panera.

I went to work two days, quiet workdays with not a whole lot to do other than preparing for my next trip which starts tonight.

We squeezed in a visit to the grandkids and took Friday off for that purpose. It was not quite a weekend but long enough to do multiple puzzles of Africa and Asia with Faro. He proudly showed me where Madagascar was and could tell me its capital with all its multiple vowels without missing a beat. I told him I was not going to Madagascar but to Rwanda instead, so now he is working on Kigali, a piece of cake after Antananarivo. We gave him the book ‘Africa Adorned’ so he can see who lives in those puzzle pieces he knows so well to place on the map.

And now it is time to get on board again, to Amsterdam where I will meet a colleague, and then onwards to the Gorillas hotel in Kigali.

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