Good intentions

Saturday was another workday, our last, but it kept us busy in meetings until it was time to go to the airport to catch my flight to Johannesburg. I kept telling myself that once I landed I would have time to finish my notes, turning my scribbles in the training handbooks into notes usable for the session authors. But once there I realized that transcribing scribbles into notes is tedious and detail work I didn’t have the energy for. I postponed the task once more with the intention of finishing the job in Madagascar before my next assignment would start on Monday.

The flight from Johannesburg to Antananarivo is only a short 3 hours but between getting up at 7:30AM and arriving at 6PM at my hotel in Tana (5PM South African time), I took me an entire day.

The quiet Sunday afternoon I had imagined myself sitting on a terrace with a cup of tea, finishing my work, didn’t materialize because a glitch in Kenya Airways baggage handling left me waiting for a colleague for two hours. I took the taxi I could have taken 2 hours earlier and arrived in the dark.

To my great surprise I arrived at the same time as two ICRC staff members with whom I have shared many weeks of training in Addis, Lomé, Bangkok and Dar es Salaam. Quelle coincidence! We had a nice dinner together, longer than if I would have eaten alone, and thus the final slug to complete my assignments from Capetown made for yet another late night, hopefully my last.

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