Shifting winds

The dreaded seasonal shift, from summer to fall happened the third week of August. It’s just a warning that summer is nearly over. It gets colder for a few days; there is a distinct shift in the quality of the air and I need to wear a coat when I leave for work around 5:30AM.

But then it always gets warm again, and humid, and we are given a respite. We may even complain about the heat. Oh how easily we forget.

Our garden is producing abundance: pickling and euro cucumbers, the enormous tomatoes are finally turning red, the cherries and mini cherry tomatoes seems to be in a hurry (and tight they are), and the eggplant is growing long and skinny, touching the ground, and being nibbled on. The chard stands fierce, bright green and enormous; the cranberry bean pods are turning yellow and their contents turning dark red as their names suggests. The potatoes are working their way to the surface; the garlic and shallots are drying nicely on the porch and in the shed. The kale (sigh), well, we planted too much again and swearing to not bother next year – too much, too large and not the right kind for the Dutch kale-potato stew we like to have in the winter. The large beets that look like radishes have been eaten and done with.

After the winds shifted swimming across the cove is not quite as appealing as on a hot and sweltering day. But yesterday was hot and sweltering and I took my habitual swim across-the-cove. When I was back on the beach our friend W. pointed at something round and shiny bobbing in the water. This turned out to be a lost baby seal. It approached me as if it was a puppy returning a ball. I was reminded of the children’s book ‘Are you my mother?’ Mom was nowhere to be seen. The pup was too young to fear humans (and W’s dog). We called the harbor master who called the NE Aquarium, but when the tide was high the pup had disappeared, we hope reunited with its mom.

Although I think seal pups are cute and lovely, even up close, I don’t really like to swim with ocean creatures. Even the striper that swam below me some weeks ago, beautiful as it was to behold, made me swim fast to the shore.

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