Everything is right as it is

I came home to a yard full of people: aside from Tessa and a friend, there were several young graduates from Quebec, frolicking on the beach and water. Most appear to have jobs, which added no doubt to the carefree splashing. Our friend G. and his wife who brought them here is helping Axel with his boat repairs which have lasted all summer despite promises of getting it in the water soon. The boat is needed to set out our lobster traps. So far we have bought our lobsters. It’s great to have friends who have no patience for half-finished work.

I took a nap and then surveyed the gardens where foot long cucumbers, a new crop of raspberries, an abundance of blackberries and much more were showing few signs of the now two month-long drought. The water ban is still in force. The smaller trees and bushes, on the other hand, look tired and spent.

Tessa’s wedding is now two weeks off and she has nightmares about things going wrong. I told her that everyone’s nightmare might be a hurricane touching down at the moment of the seaside vows, and yet this is exactly what happened at Sita and Jim’s wedding. It was exactly 6 years ago that hurricane Earl showed up uninvited at the moment supreme. It was a fabulous wedding even though the band declined to come and all the vases with flowers blew over and everything was wet.

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