The Japanese ladies have gone home with plenty of ideas in their heads; Axel and Sita returned from Norway, excited about their first foray into Scandinavia. The wedding set up has been taken down in the Pembroke woods and life is returning to the usual rhythm of fall, with its countless chores and accompanying sense of loss.

While I was alone I went on a fall cleaning spree – removing everything out of one part of the cellar, cleaning the cobwebs and mouse droppings and then being very selective about what to put back. As I get older I am less and less attached to stuff I brought back from my travels, or, to go even further back, from my student years.  Everything was put in bags and sacks and boxes and carted off to Beverly’s Bootstraps thrift store. BB is a great organization that helps people do what their name says.

Some stuff went to MSH, African artifacts I once wanted so badly but which have been relegated to the basement over the years, having lost their initial attraction, accumulating dust and mildew for nothing.

Then came this closet, then that one, then clothes, more kitchen stuff and tchotchkes – oh how liberating this de-acquisitioning.

I was left with two piles of things that will go elsewhere. One bag I filled with my pilot gear. I wrote to the director of the flight center that I was hanging up my pilot headphones – which I actually had done a long time ago, and he figured as much. The bag full of headphones, knee boards, airport maps and Beverly Flight Center T-shirts are for new student pilots who cannot afford all the gear. The other pile consists of various post-orthopedic surgery gear: several boots, slings, and braces – I need to figure out how to get these to my rehab center colleagues elsewhere in the world who have none of this stuff. The clean up of all this was also liberating, the closing of a chapter of my life.

When Axel came back from Norway he found one entire car full of boxes and bags I had not been able to drop off at the donation center. I told him if he was going to take anything out it would have to live in his office. That tempered his drive to salvage stuff and in the end he only took out a few items. I am sure in a month or so they will find their way to Beverly.

1 Response to “Re-cycling”

  1. 1 Judith J. Haycock October 10, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    I love hearing from you…I need to go through many boxes moved from Wellesley 9 years ago, now I have to decide where I go next. Son, Bill, and his wife have decided to downsize in the Spring…I will no longer have my in-law suite attached to their home. I wasn’t prepared for this decision and am not ready to live year round at my Florida condo. Stay tuned!

    Loved seeing the wedding pictures, Tessa and Sita were young girls when I first knew you and Axel…always enjoy the pictures you post..

    Just found out that I will be a great-grandmother in April…my oldest grandson, Andrew, and his wife (married in September, 2015) are happily expecting their first child. They now live in Dallas…too far away for me!

    I’m still in touch with many MSHers…it was certainly a very special place to work. Sending love and hugs to you and Axel…j

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