I had hoped that Trump would disappear from view and we could go on with our lives, but this is of course not happening. He shows up in most of my waking hours, causing distress. In the community around me I see the whole range of reactions: from catastrophic scenarios to ‘may be it won’t be so bad – there are after all checks and balances;’ from calls to jump into action, to protest, to contact one’s congressman/woman, senators to we should give him a chance, let’s wait and see.

We can gloat about his already being in disarray to form a cabinet or be deeply worried about what that means. We can slap him in his face with his already violated campaign promises (in one week!) or hope and pray that he gets it together as we are, after all, talking about our country, not the alt-right republican America.

The knot in my stomach has loosened a bit but it is still there. I go to bed exhausted from all the mental gymnastics I am engaged in to sort out my response, attitudes and courses of action. I am going to be more politically active, that is for sure. I congratulated Elizabeth Warren on her letter to Trump about the number of ‘swamp’ creatures on his transition team and appointments – she is a brave and principled woman (which of course makes her a bitch in the eye of many). I am going to call my congressman, a democrat, and urge him to follow Warren’s good example.

Against the backdrop of the Trump turmoil is also my current job which appears to be in danger as there is little work for me and planned trips are being canceled or at risk of being canceled. With the big unknowns of Trump’s foreign aid plans, the far future doesn’t look that bright either.

The only bright spot at the moment is my upcoming birthday, 65, which we will celebrate with the girls and the grandchildren somewhere in Maine. I only know that I have to reserve December 1 through 4 for this but not what will happen those days. I am excited about this. Tessa will join us the 2nd, having just returned from her honeymoon after a punishing return flight that will have them experience the longest first of December ever.

Tessa and Steve’s trip is also marred by setbacks, like everything else these days: there was the earthquake and its many aftershocks on South Island, the tsunami warnings, and consistently bad weather on the North Island, Steve’s foot injury and Tessa’s  sinus infection. Mercury retrograde again?

1 Response to “Headwinds”

  1. 1 Isabella Bates November 16, 2016 at 10:43 am

    I am so with you in this time of turmoil. The power of mutually felt alarm I hope will serve us well in the coming time.

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