We had managed to plan our trip to be bookended by two snowstorms. We had missed driving all the way from home in the first storm, at the start of our brief vacation since we stayed over at Sita’s; but on the day of our departure we traveled through the eye of the storm on empty highways, barely plowed and sanded. A trip that should have taken 3 hours, took us 6 hours. Some people thought we were insane. It is amazing how the vision of sitting by the fire in our own living room during a nor’easter provoked us to undertake this trip.

Before we left we were able to visit MassMOCA which was probably the highlight of our trip. The theme was ‘wonder,’ and we did wander the halls in wonderment: Nick Pave’s 1000s of mobiles dangling and twirling from the ceiling, Sol LeWitt’s murals, and more. That alone would have been worth the trip out west, though not necessarily during snowstorms. Hubris, Axel called it, this challenging of the elements.



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