I settled back at my headquarter desk, always cranked up high (we can crank it up and down to work either standing or sitting – I stand all the time). We are awaiting the announcement of a new CEO, with anxious anticipation. For me the anticipation is linked to whether I will stay or retire.

I am now in the thick of two courses; one, a paying one, to refine my coaching skills. It is laced with references to recent neuroscience discoveries. The other, prompted by all the references to the brain, a free course on coursera on Understanding the brain: the neurobiology of everyday life. Although the course doesn’t start until this week I am already halfway through. I watched the lesson on hearing with Axel, to better understand his hearing loss. I also learned about my own near vision loss in the module on vision. I am enjoying the course so much that even after a full day at work and two hours of commuting, I can’t wait to log on again. I am learning a ton and hope this will, incidentally, also contribute to my brain’s health.

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