The rhythm of my trips abroad has slowed down a bit, but new assignments are on the horizon, at least till the end of June when two major MSH projects will end activities and go in close-down mode.

I am on my way to Cote d’Ivoire. I checked with Faro to see if he still remembered that Abidjan was the capital – he had forgotten but then remembered. Last week he saw something about Lemurs and when he heard that they live in Madagascar he flawlessly pronounced its capital Antananarivo, according to Sita. I don’t think many 4 year olds (or 40 year olds for that matter) in the US would know this.

We have had some wonderfully mild weather which melted the two feet of snow and coaxed small green sprouts out of the ground. But winter is not over in Massachusetts. We have learned not to get our hopes up.

The mild weather invited everyone to go outdoors and walk. But walking these days is, once again, not all that easy. I returned to the local PT outfit and am being treated by a young man whose father grew up in Zutphen (NL) – he speaks Dutch the way Sita does. I am also taking medicine to treat the neuropathy in my left foot; it makes me sleepy and has reduced my energy a bit.

Before heading out to the airport we took a long walk on a local estate with sweeping views over the ocean and uneven terrain. Although I enjoyed the walk it crippled me, and it required a rest stop at a local tea house before I could continue a brief visit to the Cape Ann museum. It is a discouraging development.

The Air France lounge makes the 6 hour wait for my next flight quite pleasant. Aside from the good food and coffee, there is the free 20 minute Clarins face/massage treatment. I was able to get one of the last two spots and enjoyed the treatment. Sometimes it is heavy on the product demo side, sometimes it is more of a facial massage, like today. It was delicious. I feel asleep and then was gently brought back to earth by a soft tap on my shouldere. As an extra bonus I was given a cream to keep my skin from aging and instructions about all the other products I should buy.

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