Ride and rest

After another long day of riding in a car we arrived at Abidjan at the end of Saturday afternoon. I finished one book and two electronic jigsaw puzzle which helped pass the time. The landscape consist mostly of green foliage, a 1000 shades of green and the grey ribbon of the road, interrupted here and there by dusty villages and people carrying stuff or waiting for something. It’s kind of boring if you have seen it before. What killed the boredom was a stop in a cocoa plantation, where the farmer hid from us for a bit before he dared come out. Two white women are not a common appearance between the leafy cocoa trees.

For lunch we stopped again in Yamoussoukro. Our Ivorian colleagues tried hard to get us the peanut dish that B, my co-traveler from the office in Medford, likes so much. Apparently it is a dish that is eaten at home and not commonly in a restaurant.

We had transferred our reservation from the guesthouse of our first night here to a hotel, preferring a place with a restaurant and, in particular, a salad bar. The fancy hotels here aren’t actually all that fancy, but it would be for two nights. We ended up in the Ibis which is getting a one star review from me on trip advisor as does certainly not provide the value one would expect of a 130-dollars-a-night lodging.

  1. went out for dinner and karaoke and dancing with a colleague who hails from the country where she was, only very recently, a Peace Corps Volunteer. I had dinner at the hotel and went to bed. Sometimes the age differences are a little too obvious.

On Sunday we each went off in different directions. B. accompanied a colleague to church while I slept in and worked. She then went off to buy clothes for a tailoring project while I went off with my ‘sister’ R. to shop for beer and wine for our next hotel stay. We have stayed there before and we know the restaurant is pretty useless there. We would eat juicy ripe mangoes and drink local beer for dinner each night as the restaurant was pretty useless with a waitress not all that interested in serving anyone.

We both had home-made lunched and napped at the hotel before meeting up to review the progress of my report to the project director. He has just returned from vacation and we will see him only briefly before heading out to a small town (Adzope) not too far from Abidjan. When the week is over we will go straight to the airport to catch our flight to Paris, unless the AF strike that is being prepared reaches into Africa.

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