Harvest time

I have a different role now in this kind of ‘technical’ work as we call it at MSH. In the past I would be busy 15 hours a day, thinking, planning, goading, negotiating, giving feedback, preparing. But now all this is done by others. I have handed over the baton and it has been carried around the block several times, without me lifting a finger or a foot.

I had not thought a lot about this but this is of course how it should be: working oneself out of a job. What I also had not realized that moving further away from the action (on the balcony as Ron Heifetz would say) allows one to reflect while taking in a much bigger landscape.

And reflecting I do. I have time to read and reflect and connect. I have time for slow conversations with people, driven by curiosity rather than some force outside me that wants answers. I love it.

In short succession I wrote 3 blogs for my own page on our intranet. I have no idea who will read it, I have a just a handful of followers, but it doesn’t matter. It’s like a storage place for ‘aha’s or ‘déclics’ as the French call it. I will post some here as well. Stay tuned.

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