Good and bad deeds

I am in Madagascar now. My former colleague and now consultant gave me an overview of the current political situation which reads like a soap opera. The sad thing is that it does little good for the country. The hand grenades that were thrown into the stadium when I was here last, and billed as a terrorist attack, have turned out to be something quite different. The wife of the president organized the attack in the hope of killing her husband’s mistress, an artist who was performing at the stadium. The mistress escaped.

A story that parallels and the converges is about a person linked to the president (allegedly having introduced the mistress to her friend the president, while also being a friend of the first lady, but obviously no longer), had managed to profit in a big way from procurements that were routed through her bank  account. It is a sordid tale of greed and hubris. The story is to juice and too long to recount here. Suffice to say that the culprit is on the lam and the money probably stashed away someplace where ordinary Malgaches cannot touch it. Sometimes I feel all of us doing supposedly good work are only aiding, abetting and enabling the elite to keep stealing from their people.

[Postscript  on 4/25: the lady is back in the hospital in Madagascar. We are all curious what will happen next.]

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