Chinese outing

My Ethiopian colleagues (both from HQ) had been talking about the Chinese restaurant nearby and took me there on my second night. It was a lovely walk along the beach where people were enjoying themselves with food, swimming and listening to good music.

The Chinese restaurant is located in a complex that includes a hotel, a casino and a restaurant, all decorated with bright neon lights that light up the neighborhood. The restaurant entrance takes one into a kind of alleyway, past the kitchen and a bunch of tables with people just sitting there; the smell is not encouraging. Large vats with liquid (water?) line this alleyway. It is clear we are not yet in the restaurant. This is hidden behind a simple door which lets one into a bright white and very cold room with more bright lights in pink and orange that flicker on and off. Another section is closed behind sliding doors. This is where the important Chinese hang out we assume. We see people going in with platters but never see anyone come out.

The place is frequented by Chinese who are drinking a white liquid in green bottles (when we asked the waiter what that was he told us ‘milk’  but we don’t believe him) and endless cups of green tea poured from an elegant copper tea pot with a long spout that makes you think you are in the Middle East.

The menu is provided in print form and on an iPad. We discovered Bull Penis with Old  Chicken Soup and other dishes that I remembered from our trip in China. We stuck to more acceptable dishes such as Chicken with Cashew, Spicy Beef and such and order too much. We had the leftover wrapped up and give it to the guard who lets us in the back door of the hotel grounds.

The food at the hotel is mediocre. A two week stay at the hotel would pretty much exhaust the choices and I tried most. Heavy on animal protein and starch, it was getting a bit tiresome, but two escapades to the Chinese were enough. I am craving the fresh vegetables that must be starting to arrive in the markets in Massachusetts.



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