The blogposts are retrofitted, I am writing them while relying on my memory. It is not as good as writing daily but it will have to do. I was too exhausted every night to write. I made 14 to 16 hour days and this time period I clocked an all-time high of 184 hours (92 per week), which is more than double MSH’s normal 40 hour workweek.

There also was no respite. We worked all day on Saturday (since I had left on Saturday this was now a 7 day workweek) because the Directorate we were working with was being re-organized and my pharmaceutical colleagues decided that having everyone in one place was a good opportunity to finalize some of the restructuring tasks.

Originally I wasn’t supposed to be part of this but since I had re-designed the event to be more participatory, I was given the task to also facilitate the day. My Kenyan colleague worked with the TOTs to do more facilitation practice, and rehearsing upcoming sessions. The design was, after all, to have all of them conduct the leadership program to their colleagues, including a new batch of pharmacists who came from the districts. Our roles shifted to coaches and organizers of feedback and support sessions.

Sunday was supposed to be off but many tasks came in over email that needed attention, unrelated to the Sierra Leone assignments. And so Sunday turned out not a day of relaxation as I had hoped  (and wanted and needed). I put in another 8 hours of work taking care of things I could not postpone, such as  tasks related to the closing of the Madagascar program which starts happening next Tuesday. I owed it to my Malagasy colleagues to provided them with as much support as I could muster from a distance. And then there was my vacation, just days off, that I did not want to spoil with urgent tasks I could take care of now. Sigh!

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