Saturday mornings are my favorite part of the week, especially in summer when the peace and quiet of Lobster Cove is total bliss. Add to this dead low tide (when Lobster Cove is at its most interesting) and two little Blisses, aged 2 and 5.  I can’t even think of something better than bliss. Sublime happiness and contentment is what that is.

We checked out the crab trap which was out of the water. Crabs had piled up on top of each other. Eventually they all left the trap, sometimes helped by Faro, sometimes on their own. The ones that got freed by Faro first had to live with a bunch of other crabs in a small plastic beach bucket for a while. One missed the bucket. He (or she) did not make it back into the sea.  We try to teach Faro respect for animals, even invasive species, but sometimes we fail.

The tide was low enough that we could walk to the middle of the cove.  I picked up oysters and faro crabs. I can’t think of any better way to spend a Saturday morning. When we were done crabbing Axel was cooking bacon and eggs on the beach. Our vegetarian family members make exceptions for bacon.

At the end of the day we saw Axel, Jim and Faro off to the Aududon sanctuary in Ipswich for a special ‘owl prowl.’ They took tents and sleeping bags for a night in the sanctuary that included looking and listening for owls. Tomorrow morning they will look for owl pellets and dissect them to see what they had for dinner. Faro’s dinner consisted primarily of s’mores at the campfire. Axel texted that at 9:10 Faro was ‘desugaring,’ which probably meant he was not ready to go to bed. Pa-pa and Opa will have to get up at 6 for an early breakfast and another prowl before the festivities are over. I suspect they will take a nap while Sita and I will get the stories from Faro, first hand.

While the men were out in nature in one part of Ipswich, Sita and I went to a wonderful chamber music concert in the Barn at the Crane Estate on the other end of  Ipswich. A small group of very talented young musicians treated us to a  wonderful menu of light, peppy (vif et agité) and I suspect technically very challenging music from a variety of famous composers, from way back (Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart, Ravel) to Gershwin.  It was a night out for everyone even for one of the other grandmothers who had come over for babysitting duties at our house.

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