We packed our car for the trip to Maine. It was hard to select what to bring of all the things I wanted to do but never had time for at home. Some years I brought my sewing machine and quilted. Another summer I brought knitting needles and lots of wool and made a cardigan. This summer in Maine was going to be a summer of reading, real books, not electronic ones.

I packed all the books on my night stand that were half or barely read. This included a heavy tome of 900 pages recommended by a friend of Sita. I had ordered it some month ago but got stuck in the first twenty or so pages because of all the (old) English words that I didn’t understand but was too lazy to look up. It plays at the border of Wales and what was then England in 1200. I thought I would give it another try.

I forgot my knitting basket which may have been a good thing because reading about Wales in 1200 and knitting at the same time is impossible. Axel brought the watercolor supplies. So that was it: reading and painting with water.

The first week we were vacationing as grandparents. This meant getting up early, feeding kids and entertaining them until the parents joined us. It also occasionally meant babysitting during naptime of one and beach time for the other. This was perfect. I’d sit on the deck in the sun reading.  We also gave the parents a lovers’ night out – something we remembered as being a huge luxury when you have small kids.

Beach time with Faro is wonderful as he is full of wonder about everything around him. Here too he terrified the crabs as he did in Lobster Cove. He caught many. There was a whole swarm of little boys and girls turning over stones and catching the crabs (and sometimes baby lobsters as well). It is not OK to terrify any creature,  but getting rid of the green crabs is considered a citizen’s duty here in Maine. There are too many of them. They, in their turn, not only terrify but eat the mussels and clams. Sita is teaching Faro about respect for everything that lives, no senseless killing or destroying. For her that includes the green crabs, even spiders and other creepy-crawlies she doesn’t much care about. So we, illegally as we found out, released them back into the ocean.

By the time Sita and family left I had finished the first of the trilogy books on Wales (The Heaven Tree) plus another book in between about the exploration of the Amazon (the quest for the city of Z) which made me think we are such wimps these days. Here I am sitting on a deck in the sun reading and drinking coffee while I could have been looking for El Dorado up to my waist in mud full of dangerous animals with mosquitoes and other flying creatures pulling chunks of my skin and settling in my eyes. Not to mention the jaguars, piranhas and anacondas.

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