Finally flu-felled

We arrived back in the US on a blue sky day – it is always nice to arrive like that. We went for a long walk to stretch our legs. Little did I know that the flu virus had already nestled inside me. On Thursday I was a bit listless and tired, which I chalked up to jetlag, on Friday I started to feel rotten and on Saturday and Sunday I was sick as a dog with a fever, coughing fits, a headache and all the symptoms that have been listed for this year’s flu season.

I thought I had escaped the virus, thinking because I had had the flu vaccine I would be spared. But no such luck. Axel also didn’t feel so great on Friday night but an 11 hour sleep was all that it took. He was able right away to dive into town affairs by attending various meetings about the new elementary school, and then watching ‘the game’ which apparently the New England team lost – a big deal here, though not so much for me.

Sita and Tessa are cheering me on via Facetime and texts, plying me with all sorts of home remedies, such as a hot lemon brew with ginger, cayenne and garlic, elderberry/flower concoctions, mullein and what not. I am drinking all day long, these and other concoctions, believing in both modern and traditional approaches. I’d like to think I am bit better, though the thermometer still registers a fever.

I am starting to have more energy so I am able to catch up on reading materials that have piled up next to my desk, on my night table and in our living room, but not enough to start a knitting project quite yet.

2 Responses to “Finally flu-felled”

  1. 1 February 6, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Sooty to hear you caught the flu bug. Florida is overwhelmed, no beds available in local hospitals.

    I have two auto immune issues, I’m trying to be so careful. Wore a mask when I flew south 2 weeks ago and wiped all surfaces in my plane space with Purell.

    Hope Axel doesn’t get your bug. My son, Jeff, and his wife, Mia, from Colorado are here with me this year.. Mia just told me she woke up with a sore throat this morning. Not what I like to hear!!!

    I haven’t seen an update on Tessa recently. What was her original diagnosis? Hope all’s well now.

    Did you hear that JT Moore died in January? He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Spring, so sad. Only Liz Burke and Marcia made it to his memorial service in CT on 1/13.

    Hugs, Judy

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  2. 2 svriesendorp February 7, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    Hi Judy, I hope you stay bug free. I am on the mend, slowly. I had no idea about JT, how very sad. My first husband also died of that cancer and lasted only 2 months after the diagnosis was made – it’s a fast killer. I am glad Marcia and Liz made it – I had no way of knowing and had I been in the US, might have gone. Tessa is still recovering and it is not clear whether she will ever completely get back to normal. She still has several neurological side/after effects and still get easily fatigued but she is a trooper and continues to build up her graphic design one woman company with the help of her husband. She is doing severa projects for MSH and John Snow.

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