Fitness tests

Emboldened by our entry into serious exercise classes Axel signed up for something called TRX which, if I understand it well, is exercising various muscle groups using elastic bands and your own body as weight.  It is, I told him, a good incentive to lose weight. He was quite crippled the next day but then the painful memory faded. I think he is going to do it again, much like I will spin again tomorrow morning at 6AM.  Saffi and Faro should be quite impressed with their opa and oma.

We celebrated Jim’s not quite 40 birthday in Easthampton on Friday. We drove west while the Nor’Easter pummeled the eastern seaboard.  This morning we came back to survey the damage on our peninsula. It was bad. There were flooded areas everywhere. Many trees and several piers had not been able to withstand the force of the wind and water. They were broken like match sticks or carted off into the sea.

Our neighbors now have an enormous tree trunk in their yard which we used to sit on by the fire last summer. The January 2018 storm moved it to the other side of the cove and this storm brought it back again but not quite. It got deposited in the middle of their yard. It is not the kind of tree trunk that you can pick up with a few strong arms. It will require machinery. Our neighbor’s entire lawn has been inundated, water lapped at their foundation; the incoming water smashed onto their lawn, taking large rocks the size of frozen chickens and dropping them left and right. It also ripped up most of the beach roses (rosae rugosae) that were so neatly planted along the sea wall. Then, when receding as the tide went out, it took as much sand as it could find, leaving the seawall rocks without its natural cement and scouring the beach down to its gravel base.

Our seaside has also been scoured and hollowed out, but the large pine trees held, their roots doing their job at least on the land side. But we can no longer walk as close to the edge as we used to, dropping our yard waste off the edge. It could collapse any moment, reducing our land by yet another yard or so.

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