Every morning a Saturday morning

My body is slowly adapting to the rhythm of my new life. Instead of waking up at 4:30 I wake up at 6:30AM. I still go to bed early because I am tired, but it doesn’t have to be at 8:30 pr 9PM anymore – 10 PM is now OK.

Every morning feels like a Saturday morning – that feeling of waking up and have 2 full days to oneself (more or less).  When still working I treasured this particular morning of the week and mourned its fleeting nature, Now it’s just another (beautiful) day full of wonderfulness.

Although one would think I am free and a lady of leisure, I am learning about being  sole proprietor, a fancy word for being an independent consultant. I now have to be my own marketing director, business development director, accountant, contract writer, chief administrator, travel agent, web and technology help center. At MSH there are whole departments with experts to do such work. I am a complete beginner in most of these areas.

My learning curve is steep. I am learning from the experts (paid consultations), from friends, from my daughters and from looking things up, or simply experientially. I learned for example that my new MacBook Air’s operating system has troubles with getting me heard on Skype. I am trying to figure out how to sign something electronically as my previous rituals don’t wok anymore for lack of software licenses or simply not knowing how to do such things on a Mac. It makes for hours of unpaid work. But some of the signing is for W9 forms and getting myself into various systems in order to get work. So all this efforts is chalked up to ‘investments.’

I have a few signed contracts, but only one is being executed right now and draws on my OD and coaching skills. I will be traveling but only domestically, a few short trips. It’s an exciting assignment.

My Japan work is also starting to get more and more exciting, with probably more than one trip to Japan over the next year. Maybe I should start to learn Japanese.

The summer is, as usually, going awfully fast. We are about to enter July and the days are already shortening, a depressing thought. But this time I will be enjoying many more days of the summer at Lobster Cove, which is still the best place on earth to be at this time. I had my first swim in the Cove a few days ago. It took a couple of minutes to get kind of numb and after that I swam for  about 25 minutes. I was rather numb when I got out. It took a very hot shower to stop the clattering of my teeth, but it was great.

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